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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Rock of Ages" by S. L. Haynes © 2011

extinction-level event – also known as an E.L.E., is a period in time when a major number of life species dies off.

Many scientists and others believe the asteroid that struck Chicxulub on the northern edge of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula 65 million years ago was the cause of the mass extinction of the dinosaurs who were the masters at the top of the food chain on Earth.

What would happen today if a similar event, yet different, occurred? Would humankind, the new masters at the top of the food chain, being a somewhat higher order, more adaptive being than a dinosaur, survive? What would happen if the asteroid event caused some other earthly cataclysmic events?

Let's suppose the asteroid was not as big as the behemoth that clobbered Mexico 65 millions years ago. Upon itself, the “Rock of Ages” was only massive enough to level a nearby small town and cause great carnage. Now let's suppose this asteroid, we now know as “Rock of Ages,” struck in just the precise location to have caused a chain reaction to other geological phenomenon such as a 9.5 Richter scale earthquake in a very vulnerable area. Let's also suppose this “Rock of Ages,” with the help of this Earth shattering quake, invigorate and excite a massive super volcano to re-energize to eruption.

Any of these events unto themselves would be enough to cause humankind to revert to a more primitive existence. Some of these events would be enough to kill off a vast number of species. Many species would simply vanish to the nothingness of the eons.

Would humankind be one of the species to disappear forever or change to a somewhat different species than exists now? Would God intervene and save His creations? Would He use these events to, once again, restart civilization? Would humankind finally learn to observe His rules of behavior or ignore them? Would some people continue to ignore God or worship false gods as many have done?

With over seven billion human souls affected by such an event and, consequently, succeeding events, there are many stories of survival, death, despair and degradation to humankind involved with such an immense event. Many will not survive the initial onslaught. Many will endeavor to survive the forthcoming trials. Some will succeed; however, many will not! The trials and tribulations of the surviving human beings will be the legends of tomorrow. Follow the survivors as they travel into the future to discover their souls!

This novel is based on the short story that I published in February 2011.  Go to "Canyon City Cataclysm" to read a preview of the short story.  This short story is available as an Amazon Kindle ebook.  

The new novel should be completed by early 2012.